Reality Check:
What Your Mind Knows, but Isn't Telling You

Reality Check reveals how stunning advances in such fields as genetics, neurobiology, and physics are showing us that we don't know nearly as much as we thought we knew.

  • The biological reason why people are able to push your emotional buttons
  • How god may be a neurochemical reaction in our brains
  • How millenniums-old brain biology drives everything from CEO management style to baseball slumps
  • How adoptive parents are genetically related to their adoptive children
  • Why our brains are hardwired to give us the potential for self-improvement and success, and how to make both more likely
  • How to induce happiness, why moderate levels of guilt may be good for your health, and other startling revelations about emotional biology

Reality Check gets us thinking about the nature of power and status, human potential and spirituality, and everyday behavior in new ways—from the perspective of science. The fresh, sometimes quirky, and entertaining information in this book has ramifications for parents, managers, educators, and everyone else interested in getting the most out of others and themselves.


"...[writes about] what the mind sciences have revealed about human a style that will captivate everybody." -- Mahzarin R. Banaji, Ph.D., Professor of Psycology, Harvard University

"...important book...writes with clarity and wit about how we become prisoners of the evolution of our brains..." -- Charles T. Snowden, Hilldale Professor and Chair of Psychology, University of Wisconsin, Madison

"His analyes...are fascinating and invariably illuminating....This book is thought provoking and entertaining, and a terrific read." -- Robert D. Hare, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of Psychology, University of British Columbia.

"If you read this book, the word 'Reality' will take on a whole new meaning." -- Roger E. Axtell, author of a Series of Nine.

"This is must reading for anyone interested in a deeper understanding of how our brain works with our heart." -- Michael Toms - Founding President and Executive Producer/Host of New Dimensions Radio, and CEO of New Dimensions World Broadcasting Network. Author of 17 books on personal, social and spiritual transformation.

"Weiner is a deft, engaging writer of pop science...Reality Check is an easy-to-read, conversational cruise..." -- San Diego Union-Tribune, August 14, 2005

"Whether...searching for mindfulness or just curious about the latest findings in mind-brain science, Reality Check will not disappoint." -- Paul Babiak, Ph.D. Industrial - Organizational Psychologist, Principal, HRBackOffice, New York