Quiz Introductions

These quizzes were developed soon after the publication of my first book, Brain Tricks, in the mid-1990s. I worked in conjunction with two graduate students in the University of Wisconsin Department of Psychology in developing them. We tested them for three years, made the necessary adjustments, and then launched the quizzes formally, in conjunction with the publication of my second book, Battling the Inner Dummy. Interestingly enough, we found no difference between males and females. The results are usually in the ballpark, but there have been instances...not many...where the visitors thought the results didn't describe them. I will let you decide. Hundreds of thousands of people have now taken the quizzes. If you want to know more about this side of your mind, then you might want to read one or more of my books, some of which are found in local libraries, particularly Battling the Inner Dummy.

Power Quiz

Do you demand the spotlight or are you more of a wallflower? Can you handle taking orders or do you have to be in charge? Or are you somewhere in between? Where we stand on the scales of power and status can give us the greatest clues into the inner nature of our personalities, including when we are being challenged.

Sex Quiz

How strong is your sexual program as a whole? Where we stand on the scales of the sex drive can shape a significant portion of our personalities, including how we dress, project and relate to our partners and potential partners. Get loose and honest during the Sex Quiz and see where you score.

Territory Quiz

How territorial are you? How possessive are you? One of the first lessons we learn in kindergarten is the importance of sharing. Looking at your own life, home, job and status, does that lesson still hold water? Find out how you rank when it comes to possession, ownership and the drive to acquire more no matter how much you have. Can you ever be satisfied?