This quiz should give you a rough idea of how territorial, acquisitive and possessive of living space and material objects you might be.

Instructions: Answer each question by selecting a number. Select a 10 if the question asks you about an urge you feel is tremendously strong; a 1 if you don't feel it exists at all; a 5 if you feel so-so. When you are finished, click the "Submit" button at the bottom of the screen and a description of your ranking will pop up.

How strong has been your urge to own a home of your own, whose title of ownership is in your name alone, or jointly with a spouse or friend? How important is this to you, whether you own a home now or not?

If you are not already doing so, pretend that your lifestyle is such that you live in a city apartment. Financial considerations aside, how strong would be your desire to own the apartment unit as a condominium whose ownership title would be in your name, versus renting it?

How unsettled or worrisome do you become when a neighbor asks to borrow one of your possessions, something with some importance for you, a lawnmower you had to save up for, a power tool, your car, a favorite piece of jewelry?

How angry on average do you become when you are driving your car down a busy boulevard and someone purposely or in an apparent mistake, cuts in front of you?

(applies as well to our power program)

How upset would you become (or think you would become if you haven't been in this type of employment situation) if you were working comfortably in an office or work space you were content with. Then one day you come to work and learn that you were moved, without warning, to a much smaller, and in your opinion a demeaning, office or space, even though it is adequate for your job? How deep would be your upset?

How strong is your urge to someday have additional homes or condominiums of your own, perhaps in the country or at vacation resorts? If you already have more than one home, how strong was your urge to acquire them?

(applies as well to our power program)

If you believed you could get away with it, how willing would you be to actually have murder attempted if it could get you a large tract of land or a large home or a possession such as a work of art, a luxury car, a piece of jewelry, something material that you have long and intensely coveted?

How uncomfortable would you feel if you took a vacation by yourself and learned that the resort had made a mistake and that you would need to share a room with a stranger of the same sex in your tour group, whose background you knew posed no apparent threat and with whom you struck up a casual conversation on the airplane?

How upset would you feel if you were in a half-empty movie theater, left your seat to get a popcorn refill, came back and a stranger was sitting in your seat?

Put yourself in a situation (if you aren't) where you own a home in an affluent suburb and the building code allows you to build a tall wall or fence around the property and you could afford it. How strong would be your urge to do so?

How upset do you become when a possession you are somewhat fond of and can afford to replace, is broken unintentionally by a visitor or someone else in your household?

How willing might you be to risk harm defending land or property that you believe is part of your rightful heritage and which is being threatened by a governmental (domestic or foreign) or legal action you consider unjust?


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