All Possible TERRITORIAL Program Quiz Rankings

  1. You probably would be happy just living your life out of a sleeping bag in the countryside moving here and there as needed. The idea of owning land might even seem repulsive to you. All of your possessions would be practical ones, easily replaced and losing all but the ones that have emotional meaning for you, wouldn't bother you very much.

  2. You would probably be content spending much of your life living in the homes of friends and relatives eager for your company and sharing costs, if that would become your lot in life. Having their name on the title of the home or apartment lease wouldn't bother you. You readily share whatever possessions you have with people who are close to you.

  3. You would probably be quite content living life in a rental apartment unit that fulfills your very basic needs. You have no compelling desire to "own" a home with your name on the title, although you are not repulsed by the idea. You would become only mildly upset if your favorite stereo headset was stolen and you could easily afford to replace it. You wouldn't be down at the police station filling out reports. You probably would only become slightly annoyed when someone sneaks in line ahead of you in the ticket line at a movie theater. You probably wouldn't say anything..

  4. You might dream of having a home of your own someday, you'll feel good if it happens, but it won't depress you if the opportunity never comes along. Your possessions are practical and you feel comfortable with whatever you have. You are protective of what you own, but you don't perceive of yourself as possessive.

  5. You have a desire for a home or condominium unit of your own, a living unit you have purchased individually or jointly with a spouse or friends and your name is on the title. You will work hard to achieve this. You take pride in the possessions you've acquired and will make strong efforts to protect them.

  6. You are intent on having a home of our own, if you don't already. If you were (or are) living in an apartment building you've grown comfortable with, and learn it's being converted to condominiums, you would probably be first in line, if you could afford the purchase. You want your name on a title. You have a strong desire to "own." You husband your possessions and if higher on the power program, like to show them off and would feel some jealousy of others you know who you perceive as having something better. If you are in a relationship, you would probably be happiest if you had your own bathroom.

  7. You would probably be depressed or stressed out in some way if you were at an age where your goal was to have your own home or condominium and it hasn't happened. You crave a living space that you own. If you do own a living unit, what you have is probably not enough, you dream of ways to make it better, either bigger or more lavish or both. You may find it hard to let neighbors and friends, even relatives, borrow possessions that are meaningful to you. You will feel some anxiety when these possessions are out of our control. You can become fiercely jealous.

  8. If you are at age when you think you should have a living unit that you own and don't, you are probably becoming irrational in many of your thoughts and actions. You are tremendously frustrated. If you are higher on the power program and have succeeded in your goal to own your living unit, you probably feel driven to own a second or third home, perhaps in the country or at resorts you can be fiercely jealous of others and try not to let them one-up you. You don't like others violating your space. If someone is mistakenly sitting in your seat when you go to the symphony, you will probably become upset and possibly obnoxious.

  9. If you are also higher on the power scale, you probably measure your life by the amount of space you have accumulated for living your lifestyle. You are driven incessantly to look for more. If you owned 10,000 acres of ranch land in Montana, you would probably look for the first opportunity or practical excuse to double the acreage or triple it or more. Absolutely nothing you possess, no matter what the scale, is ever enough. If you could afford it, you would be acquiring homes and condominiums in "important" cities and resorts around the world, even though you know you wouldn't be spending. any meaningful time occupying them. You simply are driven to want them. You probably accumulate possessions with the same passion. Your feeling of euphoric satisfaction when you acquire something new, rare and dramatic passes quickly. The relentless hunt continues.

  10. Time to check in somewhere. For one thing, you may be willing to have murder committed, in the belief you won't be caught, to acquire the land or object that you covet. Or, to neutralize the feelings of jealousy you have for others. If you were cast in the role of a frontier rancher or a dictatorial government leader, the lives of others would become meaningless in your quest to conquer those whose land or material possessions are in your sights. Murder and carnage is just part of the game to you. You are probably clever, ruthless, relentless and unsatiable. You will do whatever it takes. You are probably not warm and nice.
(NOTE: More than 50,000 persons have taken this quiz. Responses for 4,000 were monitored for a period of time, only involving the numbered answers computed. No confidentiality was violated. A table of the results was published in Battling the Inner Dummy on page 158.)

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