SEX Program Quiz

Instructions: Answer each question by selecting a number. Select a 10 if the question asks you about an urge you feel is tremendously strong; a 1 if you don't feel it exists at all; a 5 if you feel so-so. When you are finished click the "Submit" button at the bottom of the screen and a description of your ranking will pop up.

How strong do you feel about being sexually attractive to potential mates? How good does it make you feel?

How willing might you be to have sex with an attractive partner even though a love relationship doesn't exist?

How driven are you to find ways to have sex with someone you find very appealing?

How strong is your inner desire to vacation at a resort whose advertising implies a potential sexual adventure?

How strong is your urge to have sex in general?

How jealous would you feel (or have actually felt) if you suspected your spouse(significant other) was secretly having sex with someone else?

If you could get away with it, would you forcibly have sex(doing something coercive) with someone you found appealing?

How strong is the sexual orientation of your dress?

If you could do it secretly or not, how strong is the appeal of becoming a member of a sex club?

How willing would you be to hurt a friend by having an affair with that friend's spouse?

If it was legal, how strong would your urge be to avoid current or imagined monogamy?

How willing would you be to commit rape or if female, do other physical harm to fulfill your desires for sex?

How strong is your desire to enhance sex with sexually appealing undergarments and/or sex videos?

If you could do it secretly or not, how strong would be your urge to have sex with more than one partner simultaneously?


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