All Possible SEX Program Quiz Rankings

  1. You are somewhere near totally asexual. You might never have had sex and don't care if you do. You might even be repelled by the thought of having sex. But this doesn’t really matter. There are billions of other people having sex, so the earth will be well populated, anyway.

  2. You do have a sex drive, but it doesn't take any priority at all in your life. You may even dress yourself to be sexually unappealing so that you don't have to contend with sex or any of its aspects. If you have a primary sex partner and you discover he or she is having an affair, you might feel more relieved than jealous.

  3. You have a sex drive and you might enjoy sex when you have it, but you are not going to do very much to attract it. If you're married or in a relationship, you would probably never think of cheating.

  4. You may have an active sex life, but sex is not frequently on your mind. If you need to go without it for a relatively long period of time, it probably won't be depressive. You may dress fashionably, but not intentionally to appear sensual. You are probably not a candidate for an affair, but will feel jealousy if you have a significant partner and he or she wanders.

  5. You're where most of us are at, according to the monitoring software.. You have an active sex life, or wish you did. You dress to be attractive to the opposite sex, but you don't overdo it. Sex is just a normal part of your life and you're happy with where you stand with it.

  6. Sex is an important part of your life. You'll dress so that you perceive yourself as being attractive to members of the opposite sex or potential sexual partners. You like the idea of sex, but the urge is not strong enough for you to have an affair (if you are attached), unless the attraction of the potential partner was overpowering. If you have a significant partner and he or she wanders, you will feel jealousy.

  7. Sex is on your mind a good part of your waking hours. If you are married or into a serious relationship, you are ripe for an affair, if a discreet opportunity presents itself. On occasion, you will find yourself openly flirting with a member of the opposite sex or potential sexual partner, who is very attractive to you. You like the whole idea of the mating dance. If you have a significant partner and he or she wanders, however, you will feel very depressed and jealous.

  8. Sex is uppermost in your mind. If you are female, you might be into such things as short skirts, tight clothing, extra bright makeup, spiked heels. If you are male, you might be into such things as tight pants, gold jewelry, open shirts or even power suits, intended to attract women. You love the whole idea of the mating dance. With both sexes, however, your clothing may also reflect your power program. Whether single or married, you are looking for sexually-oriented affairs. You are out for it, one way or another. But if you have a significant partner and he or she wanders, you will feel intense jealousy.

  9. You may be among the nymphomaniacs of the world, whether female or male. You may sacrifice family or friends, if you find this necessary, to live in a world of sex. You will join sex clubs if they exist where you live. You will spend vacations at resorts that imply sexual adventures. You may put your life and your well-being at risk for sex, if you find this necessary. If you have a significant partner who wanders, you are capable of becoming furious with jealousy and taking revenge without qualms.

  10. Time to check in somewhere.. You may murder for sex. You may try rape, particularly if you also have an intense power program and can’t meet your expectations any other way. You may do whatever it takes to fulfill your sexual urges and fantasies. You are dangerous. You are also capable of killing if you catch your significant partner, who you think you own, having sex with someone else.

(NOTE: More than 180,000 persons have taken this quiz. Responses for 50,000 were monitored for a period of time, only involving the the numbered answers computed. No confidentiality was violated. A table of the results was published in Battling the Inner Dummy on page 132.)

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