POWER Program Quiz

More than 500,000 persons have taken this quiz, since it was first posted in 1997. It was developed in conjunction with two graduate students in psychology at the University of Wisconsin. The results will usually give you a rough indication of where you stand on the power freak scale.. If you think your results are inaccurate, try again two to three weeks later. Or, send your comments on the feedback form.

Note: A broader description of the quiz and its results is in the book Power Freaks.

Instructions: Answer each question by selecting a number. Select a 10 if the question asks you about an urge you feel is tremendously strong; a 1 if you don't feel it exists at all; a 5 if you feel so-so, or the appropriate numbers in between. When you are finished, click the "Submit" button at the bottom of the screen and a description of your ranking will pop up. Remember that no one will see your answers. So you can be totally honest, checking your instinctual thoughts and urges as you might feel them when you’re in the power freak mode.

How envious do you feel when a neighbor or friend gets a big promotion and begins to earn more money than you?

How angry do you get when someone at work gives you a direct order to do a menial chore?

How willing would you be to destroy a friendship if it meant getting a promotion?

How strong is your dislike of at least one other ethnic group?

How much do you like to be in the limelight?

How angry do you get when driving a car and another car cuts in front of you?

How strong is your urge to win when you are in a competitive activity?

How resentful would you get if one of your equals at work was promoted over you?

How difficult is it for you to trust others?

How resentful do you feel when you are ignored when a decision is being made that you think requires your input?

How easy is it for you to stare strangers in the eye?

How willing would you be to physically harm people if it meant you could reach a higher station in life?


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