Power Freaks:
Dealing with Them in the Workplace or Anyplace

Are there "power-crazed, difficult people" in your life? A boss who appears to find pleasure in browbeating and intimidating you, a coworker who tries to manipulate or sabotage you behind your back, or maybe even a family member who constantly exalts his or her accomplishments while giving you credit for nothing and making you feel worthless?

Best selling psychology author David L. Weiner reveals the personalities behind the facades of "power freaks."

Coming in many guises, including the business psychopath (who may be working down the hall from you), the arrogant and status-obsessed, the messianic, the perfectionist, they are all driven by an irrational need to dominate and to enhance their status, regardless of the consequences to others.

In this well-researched and insightful guide to handling power-crazed individuals who create havoc at work and at home, Weiner explains why they act the way they do and what you can do to prevent them from making your life a living hell!


"...more than just a book, it is a tool for survival...a must-read." -- Chicago Defender, September 30, 2003

"Thoroughly researched and notated...an interesting, accessible book for anyone who wants to understand the dynamics of social power." -- Oakland Press, December 22, 2002

"...takes no prisoners, lays it on the line, and is...helpful to a lot of people who truly need it." -- The Courier-Gazette, January 23, 2003