Reality Check:
What Your Mind Knows, but Isn't Telling You

Reality Check reveals how stunning advances in such fields as genetics, neurobiology, and physics are showing us that we don't know nearly as much as we thought we knew.

Reality Check gets us thinking about the nature of power and status, human potential and spirituality, and everyday behavior in new ways—from the perspective of science. The fresh, sometimes quirky, and entertaining information in this book has ramifications for parents, managers, educators, and everyone else interested in getting the most out of others and themselves. read more >

Power Freaks:
Dealing with Them in the Workplace or Anyplace

Are there "power-crazed, difficult people" in your life? A boss who appears to find pleasure in browbeating and intimidating you, a coworker who tries to manipulate or sabotage you behind your back, or maybe even a family member who constantly exalts his or her accomplishments while giving you credit for nothing and making you feel worthless?

Best selling psychology author David L. Weiner reveals the personalities behind the facades of "power freaks." read more >

Battling the Inner Dummy:
The Craziness of Apparently Normal People

From the sexcapades of Bill Clinton to the fifteen-year-old who weighs only eighty-two pounds but believes she's obese to the professor who screams profanities at other drivers in snarled traffic, we wonder, "What are they thinking?" What drives so many apparently normal, intelligent people to act irrationally, at times harming themselves and others?

To Sigmund Freud, such behavior was caused by the "id," our built-in mental invitation to uninhibited action. For popular psychology writer David L. Weiner, who draws on the research of evolutionary psychology, "id" stands for "Inner Dummy," which resides in the primitive, limbic realm of the brain. read more >

Brain Tricks:
Coping with Your Defective Brain

Brain Tricks is based on what science and rational observation have discovered our lives to be. If the characteristics of your brain/mind are such that they will allow this evidence to be absorbed, the concept of Brain Tricks can work to elevate your perspective. You can begin to view the circumstances of your life from a galactic perspective rather than from the tiny platform of expectations that others have created for you.

You will have a better understanding of the nature of your limbic/instinctive programs. When you do something irrational, you will know why you did it. If someone close to you acts irrationally, you will know why. Over time, you will be able to instantly recognize those limbic/instinctive programs that are out of balance and drive irrational behavior. read more >