Brain Tricks:
Coping with Your Defective Brain

Brain Tricks is based on what science and rational observation have discovered our lives to be. If the characteristics of your brain/mind are such that they will allow this evidence to be absorbed, the concept of Brain Tricks can work to elevate your perspective. You can begin to view the circumstances of your life from a galactic perspective rather than from the tiny platform of expectations that others have created for you.

You will have a better understanding of the nature of your limbic/instinctive programs. When you do something irrational, you will know why you did it. If someone close to you acts irrationally, you will know why. Over time, you will be able to instantly recognize those limbic/instinctive programs that are out of balance and drive irrational behavior.

You will be better able to manipulate the behavior of those persons in your life who are doing or saying things that are not compatible with the expectations of your limbic/instinctive programs and which react to make you unhappy in some way. You will be better able to find mind techniques that will help you control those emotional feelings and reactions that are not working in your favor.


"... get[s] to the bottom of why the human brain seems to propel us toward destructive behaviour." -- Dallas Morning News

"After suffering a brain trauma, I searched for knowledge about how the brain works. I found that and more in Brain Tricks. Not only information about the brain but, more importantly, 'the mind.' Solid information packaged in a fun and accessible 'story' format." -- Anthony Knepper, Adjunct Professor, DePaul University

"Gives us an uncommon view of our inner selves." -- Dr. Gilbert Hefter, practicing psychiatrist

"I asked every one of our managers to read this book. It's not only a great book for anyone who likes to read, it makes for a terrific business book." -- Bob Regal, President and CEO, Universal-Rundle Corp., Division of Nortek